Wakeone – An immersive online service provider

on January 11, 2019

Wakeone – An immersive online service provider

By on January 11, 2019

One of Dialogue International’s members has decided to step headfirst into a rising and profitable trend, XR.

Valve, has recently released a new agency with a very specific focus, the delivery of a fully immersive online experience for businesses. Valve and its experts have a long and successful record with the different development phases of the internet, with planning and implementing cloud-based services, user interfaces, content, and their constant maintenance for domestic and international customers. The newly established company is building on this solid expertise and existing customer relationships

The new agency, Wakeone, will be providing business relevant services that are geared for the XR experience, producing virtual and immersive internet application and content services for business customers – and a new way to communicate and strengthen the brand image. It will be providing “Package” services from service design to final delivery which includes design and content production. The company offers businesses cloud-based application services, continuous customer support and maintenance,  augmented and virtual reality application development, and tailored content for training, product marketing and entertainment, among others.  

This is a preemptive step into the global XR industry which is growing exponentially as XR hardware becomes more advanced, cheaper and smaller. The market is expected to boom in the next two to three years, with an estimated market potential of billions euros. This is largely due to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies’ ability to allow a new class of immersive online experiences and products.  

But, in order to make an immersive internet experience like this, businesses need a partner that knows the technology inside and out, Wakeone and Valve, is prepared to be that partner.

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