Video marketing: First Steps

on October 18, 2019

Video marketing: First Steps

By on October 18, 2019

One of the fastest rising trends in the marketing spectrum for 2019, is Video marketing. This of course is a trend that has been on a steady rise for years, and quite frankly has been slowly dominating other forms of marketing content. You need only look at the latest statistics of video and customer interactions to understand how absolutely essential video marketing is to any marketing campaign.

Quick facts (from the aforementioned data)

  • 85% of users in the United States alone watch video content on any of their devices
  • 54% of users prefer to see video content from brands they support
  • In 2019, 87% of marketing professionals are already heavily using video marketing as a powerful tool.
  • Video is proven to be the favorite type of content for a user to interact with on Social Media
  • 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video
  • Where both text and video are present, 72% of users choose to learn about a product or service through video
  • Youtube, the premier video platform is the second largest search engine with 1.5 billion users per month.

Video is undeniably becoming the premier marketing medium, and as such, we would like to communicate a few helpful tips for your video marketing practices. They may seem basic knowledge, but it is important to always include them in your checklist when making a video.

1. Think about SEO

Using the right keywords within a well written description helps maximize the video’s SEO potential, maximizing the chances that google will help people encounter your content. You should also never neglect the use of hashtags, depending on the social medial wherein you post or share your video.

2. Include URL and social media in the video

This is a fantastic way for a business/service to get exposure. Always include the URL and social media of your company or that of your client’s. This will naturally increase traffic to an online presence and can be a step to keeping the attention of potential customers and in effect, making a sale. As much as possible make sure to add these elements into the video as clickable elements to streamline the customer experience. It also never hurts to add these links to your video description.

3. Utilize calls to action

In the same spirit as the previous tip, including a call to action somewhere in the video will help guide the customer to further being educated about a product or service. It is important to make sure that whatever form you choose for your call to action, that it isn’t too salesy because in this day and age people are overly aware when a sale is being shoved in their faces. Keep it simple, keep it friendly. The best call to actions are the empathetic ones, for example: take a gym’s exercise video. The trainer of the gym could be showing how to properly execute an exercise, and within the video, instead of including a button that leads the viewer to a landing page wherein they sign up for the gym, he includes a call to action to another video that relates to the exercise they just learned. This call to action keeps the viewer interested and builds trust and confidence in the service, an effective and intuitive way to make a sale.

4. Use Micro Video apps / Have a short edit of your video and hype the video

A micro video app edits your video into short 6 to 15 seconds clips that make your video ideal for sharing on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. If you don’t feel like using a micro video app, make sure to have an alternate and shorter version of your video. This clip will also be useful with your own hyping of the video. Before releasing the full version of the video, share the shorter version on your website, blog, and social medias in order to announce the video to the audience before the videos release. This can help increase the videos hits.

5. Embed your video in landing pages

Considering the mass appeal of video marketing, always make an effort to embed you video into you landing/website. Not only does it make a more visually appealing website for your audience but also can increase the time they spend in the website and can help, sales, customer service, and customer retention, all unprompted.

These tips are of course just the tip of the iceberg! There are still other things to be considered in making a good marketing video, color pallets, images, flow, emotionally intelligent content etc. All to be explored in our next article, so stay tuned, and we hope these tips help!

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