Together to the top

on October 2, 2018

Together to the top

By on October 2, 2018

So you have your own independent marketing agency and you’re on your way to the top and nothing is stopping you! Nothing can stand in your way, right? WRONG! Plenty can stand in yours and your business’ way to the top no matter what your industry is; and marketing is definitely no exception. An agency that is still growing has many hurdles to overcome, we know that better than most.

We at Dialogue have contacts with independent marketing agencies and clients all across the globe, and one simple thing we’ve learned is that more often than not, the problems of one can often be fixed with the help of another, and that help can even come from a company thousands of miles away. We like to help these companies and clients find each other in the spirit of mutual gain and partnership.

Every year we hold our Creative Hackaton, a forum wherein we hold a marketing competition. Teams are formed from hand picked individuals from each agency. Each team comes up with a proposal presented to a live international client and the proposal wins. And apart from the Creative Hackaton Dialogue also holds a bi-annual manager’s meet-up to discuss strategy and current marketing trends in each agency’s country.

On top of these forums and meetups Agencies have organized talent/expert exchanges to help in specific projects, and multiple agencies have offered their joint services to strengthen their pitch to their larger more world-wide clients.

The number of advantages of Dialogue has gone far beyond the sharing of knowledge and talent, however. Through the use of social media, the agencies in Dialogue get even more exposure on upcoming projects and they are given an extra platform to show off the results of their hard work.

Thanks to all this, we all grow together. Each and every year we collectively push ourselves and each other in creativity and business practice, and every year the list of agencies under Dialogue grows and every year each of them grows with us.

Together we are stronger, together we grow faster, together we grow better and together nothing can stop us on our way to the top.

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