Stealing attention

on October 22, 2018

Stealing attention

By on October 22, 2018

On this day and age, it isn’t hard to agree with the opinion that people’s attention is constantly pulled by the next message on their phone, the next episode of their show, or the next meme on their feed. The old ways of advertising are proving ineffective and becoming obsolete, traditional advertising mediums like posters, billboards and even TV adverts in some cases are just ignored, unable to pull the attention of people away from their mobile devices.

Due to this new marketing landscape an up and coming business has two choices: they can keep hitting this wall with traditional advertising and hope to break it, or be like reeds in the wind and go with it, join the flow. This is the premise of digital marketing; it is the most effective form of marketing for the new age where people’s eyes and ears have become glued to their phones.

By joining the digital spectrum, ads are more personalized to the specific audience you wish to reach and thus present more growth options for your business. A clothing brand for example has to keep up with an ever changing audience, preference, and style; and in this spirit of changing with their audience they utilized a number of digital advertising techniques to capture the new generation’s attention. At the forefront, clothing brands use influencers, bloggers and celebrities that market the clothing brand’s products to their followers, they also use Google’s advertising system to ensure their ads appear in fashion related web pages and blogs, and the same format is used for YouTube, twitter and Instagram advertising. Because of the laser focus of these ads to the business’ demographic, the ROI (Return On Investment) is very high.

Something as simple as social interactions with your audience in social media can be extremely effective, surveys have shown that businesses being responsive and interactive on social media have led to 48% of their sales for a single quarter of the year alone; the other smaller percentages come from offering promotions, providing educational content, sharing interesting visuals and being funny in relation to their brand and product.

Those examples only scratch the surface of digital marketing however, innovation and creativity is prevalent in the most effective ads as they have always been, but perhaps even more valuable in this age. An advertisement or marketing campaign cannot simply capture the person’s attention, it has to hold it, because in the digital age, in a matter of seconds that person’s attention can be drawn to something else. The person needs to be engaged.

Look at our one of the latest project created by our DI member in Spain, Darwin Social Noise, for the premier of Sky’s Patrick Melrose in Spain (Check them out!). Long story short, they created a foundation, the Patrick Melrose Foundation to research the addiction to TV shows among Spanish viewers, and it culminates in a trailer of Patrick Melrose. This marketing action greatly helped in leading more than 1,200 people to the premiere event.

Pulling attention to brands and products in the digital arena is one of the things our agencies do best. So, If you feel you need help growing your business, get in touch and we’ll steal your customer’s attention for you!


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