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Changing the story

Client: Chateau d'Ax

Changing the story

Storytelling and WOM, word of mouth: the ingredients for a successful commercial campaign.
Knowing how to tell a story, that others want to tell, means knowing how to interest and move people.
And above all being relevant, no only towards the brand, but also the target.
This is the story of Chateau d’Ax, a brand which has changes its positioning, telling new stories closed to its target.

First national commercial

The first step to properly address the target is changing the gaze.

A commercial for a special insurance

Whatever happens to your furniture Chateau d’Ax replaces them,
because furniture enemies are the most beautiful things in life.

The professor saga

15 commercials with a loved character who teaches about life and furniture.

Joining conversations also on TV

A special commercial aired during the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


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