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A new, efficient way to construct wooden terraced houses

Client: LapWall LEKO®

A new, efficient way to construct wooden terraced houses

The building trade is notoriously affected by serious quality problems. Completing projects on schedule requires strong project management skills. Until now, easy and fast construction projects have been a distant dream.

Valve developed for LapWall a new type of online service, where professional constructors and investors can design ready-to-order terraced houses. LapWall’s unique service model enables fast, easy and risk-free construction.

A new online service

Valve designed for LapWall an online tool that enables customers to select the desired layout from among 50 models designed by an architect, the number of houses, the depth of frame, the type and angle of the roof as well as the shape of the terrace. The online tool quickly calculates an accurate and reliable quotation for the project.


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