Our story and our services


We work together because we want to, not because we have to. It is this that differentiates us from the multinational agency networks, and it is key to our continued success.
Dialogue has been sharing challenges and successes since 1991, and has now grown to unite 27 partners in 25 countries.
The initial focus was in B2B, a reflection of the demand at the time as clients in the sector looked to master cross-channel integrated strategies. In subsequent years, the network’s strength in this area diversified into consumer and other specialist sectors as integration proliferated.
Already adept at embracing change and agile enough to respond to the new technologies, Dialogue was quick to master the digital and social media revolution. It means that today, our clients have access to agencies with full capabilities across all channels, underpinned by rigorous strategic skills.
Those clients range from multinational companies to regional partners. Their campaigns are empowered by the collective strength of more than 1,000 talented professionals working across three continents.