Managing a creative business: an exercise in style!

Managing a creative business: an exercise in style!

Paris – October 2016, Fashion Week invades the city of lights with designers, fashionistas, top models, limousines, movie and reality stars from all over the world.

This year, I was lucky to be invited to NEHERA’s fashion show by Ladislav Ždut, managing director of JANDL, Dialogue’s partner ad agency in Slovakia, and recently the new owner of this extraordinary fashion brand.

Originally founded in the 1930s in Czechoslovakia by a visionary businessman Jan Nehera, the eponymous brand once counted more than 130 retail stores in Europe, the United States and Africa before it disappeared in the 70s.

Watch the NEHERA fashion show here:

When I asked to Ladislav after the show if his passion for fashion might tempt him to escape the world of advertising, his answer surprised me. He said: “Not really. It’s just that after having spent so many years in the communications industry, I wanted to experience another field of creativity. And two years ago, I’ve been able to ressurect a part of Slovak and Czech fashion heritage. Now, it’s a big challenge because fashion demands countless hours of work…and I’m still running JANDL agency. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

When I watched the exquisite Nehera catwalk show in Paris, staged in an old style Parisian factory, I couldn’t help but make the comparison between those two creative industries: fashion and advertising.

From a certain point of view the process of creating a fashion show looks very similar to creating an advertising campaign.

A fashion show is a difficult and sophisticated exercise in style. It’s about creativity, painstaking hard work, time and money… and all that effort is concentrated on delivering a very short presentation of one collection, usually in around 10 minutes.

For marketers, the need to communicate something in a brief time period is exactly the same. The Art Director needs to tell a story, to express a unique style, to impose a code and a visual language and brand identity that photographers and people can spread through magazines and social media.

For fashion brands, the aim is to create buzz during the Fashion Week and the best trendsetter in that exercise is without a doubt Karl Lagerfeld. He must be supported by great “strategic planners”. Chanel’s show #ChanelDataCenter, staged at the Grand Palais, was a giant leap into the future with a runway bordered with towering computer servers and robots in a white lacquer full-face helmet. Just brilliant and right on trend with the communication industry’s fascination with data!

Don’t we try to do the same in advertising? We gather strategist, creatives and producers to concentrate in one 30-second TV commercial hours and hours of expertise, creativity and insight, with the same and only goal of creating immediate aspiration and differentiation in the mind of the consumer.

So congratulations to Ladislav for this brave jump into this new and inspiring area of creativity.

Creativity and innovation are everywhere, and thanks to our network at Dialogue International we can meet great other creatives and feed ourselves with other cultures and fields of expertise.

See you all soon in Istanbul for the Brand Week 2016 !

Click here to watch NEHERA and Chanel shows

Nehera Collection Summer 17

photo : Nehera Collection Summer 17


Chanel DataCenter show spring -summer 2017

photo : Chanel #ChanelDataCenter show spring-summer 2017

By Frédéric Faivre – President of Dialogue International and Partner of Grenade & Sparks

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