Istanbul report: a tribute to peacetanbul

on November 18, 2016

Istanbul report: a tribute to peacetanbul

By on November 18, 2016

By Frédéric Faivre – President of Dialogue International

Despite a climate of insecurity and political tensions, we decided to maintain our bi-annual Manager Business Meeting in Istanbul this November to support our Turkish friends and honour their invitation. I have no regrets, heres why:

1 – Building a Dialogue between East and West
Istanbul is often seen as the bridge between East and West and our meeting mirrored this, bridging marketing agencies from destinations as diverse as Paris, Helsinki and Tehran.

We all stayed at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus which opened in 1955 and is a piece of history with a timeless elegance. Previous guests included Hollywood stars to scientists and musicians, and politicians including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

When we woke up in the morning of November 9th, we all learned the improbable news: Donald Trump has won presidential election, plunging US into an uncertain future. As the world around us at times felt more divided than ever, it felt symbolic to be bringing together talented creative minds from across the globe to this city to share ideas, learn from one another and have a meaningful dialogue.

2 – Impact the present to change the future
It’s a good thing we spent a full day at Brand Week Istanbul, the fantastic world-class event created by our Turkish partner in Istanbul Necati Özkan and his team. The central theme was IMPACT or how to make a difference with brands and ideas.

Wednesday was the ‘Marketing Day’ with many inspiring presentations from international influencers such as Richard Bartem VP Marketing Communications of WestJet airline, Şenol Güneş famous Turkish football manager, former player and the current manager of Beşiktaş J.K and not to mention our Iranian member of Dialogue, Nasser Pashapour, CEO of Eshareh agency in Iran who presented a great speech about post-sanctions Iran opportunities.

In the morning of November 10th at 09:05, the exact time when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk passed away, the whole country observed a two minute silence to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the death of the Liberator and founder of modern Turkey and first President of the country.

3 – Becoming a hub of creativity to inspire the world
This year, Brand Week held a Lovemark & Creativity Day and our Managers Business Meeting was held to coincide with this.

We all discussed the current situation of the advertising industry in our local markets and the global trends. It is reassuring to know that in some countries (particularly in the North) things are picking up. We each showed our new creative works and projects.

However, more than ever, new business was a priority for Dialogue Network’s expansion and many promising opportunities are on the horizon. We strengthened our members engagement and attracted new talent by collaborating on client work.
In order to succeed  in this challenge, we decided to consolidate communications and PR and keep working to open new territories (Germany, Norway, Brazil). Lastly, we have planned Dialogue meetings for next year (a work-retreat in Austria, Manager meeting in Teheran and Milan).

In the evening, Dialogue Network managers enjoyed the black tie dinner party of Felis 2016 awards ceremony.

November 11th was the ‘Digital & Mobile Day’ at Brand Week Istanbul, with expert talks from specialists across the globe. Tuomo Kulomaa, Creative Director of Valve, the Finish agency of Dialogue, presented the innovative ad insertion tool ‘Wake Dynamite’. The solution is so disruptive that Tuomo said it’s actually hard to define it in a sentence. What he can say with certainty is that it opens new creative avenues for marketers and broadcasters.

One speaker from Sweden, Tobias Degsell, gave us this message from the Nobel prize : “Work hard, follow your passion.” For sure, we are happy to follow that direction !

Thank you to Necati and Pelin Ozkan for giving us the chance to attend such an outstanding and inspiring event.

Long life to Peacetanbul, Brand Week and Dialogue International!

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