How we work

Are you an agency ready for a Dialogue?

Let’s be crystal clear. Joining Dialogue does not mean investing in an organisation focused mainly on presenting your agency for potential client pitches.

Our primary interest is in building a common international culture to help agencies become part of a true alliance in which client service is of the same high standard and can be easily adapted to local needs.

Being a commercial network is not the be all and end all of our existence. Every member agency will of course contribute to the drive for new and rewarding business opportunities. (And our agencies benefit hugely from mutually beneficial incremental activity sparked by the alliance.) But it is equally important for us to be able to rely on the integrity and professionalism of successful and esteemed local agencies.

Participation fees are affordable, but the demands we will place on you when it comes to genuine involvement are high. It is imperative that each member agency participates actively to help the alliance flourish. Only a very few agencies have left the alliance since our foundation, but those that did failed to engage properly with Dialogue life.

Agency principals gather for Managers Meetings twice a year (the next will be in New York in November) while delegates from across the alliance at least once a year for Creative Forum sessions. These horizon-building training events stimulate cross-border thinking, and are often enlivened by live client briefs.

For full details of membership, email the central Dialogue office here.