How to Turn Your Company Into an International Melting Pot

on November 10, 2014

How to Turn Your Company Into an International Melting Pot

By on November 10, 2014

Yuriy Boykiv co-founder and CEO of Gravity Media from our NY agency, Findr Group, has done a great job at describing the advantages of a multicultural work environment and giving tips on how to recruit the right talents as well as create a familiar atmosphere in the office.

“International talent can help your business flourish by dramatically expanding the scope of your ideas and perspectives, connecting you with clients across the globe, and helping you stand out from the competition” says Yuriy.


He then highlights three recruitment tricks:

1. Engage with your potential recruits by attending networking events and job fairs, and  publicizing openings in international job sites.
2. Tell your friends about job openings as they may know someone that fits the job perfectly.
3. Reach out to universities and recruit for internships.

Without forgetting to give tips on how to keep your international family happy:

1. Celebrate different holidays.
2. Celebrate different holidays.
3. Create your own traditions.

In all, Yuriy Boykiv emphasizes the importance of keeping a collaborative environment where all these cultures can interact with eachother as celebrating your team’s rich cultural backgrounds  will also allow you to connect with a broader range of consumers.

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