5 things most Social Media Managers will never tell you

5 things most Social Media Managers will never tell you

Too many Social Media Managers rely on their clients or colleagues not understanding their ‘dark art’ and often promise huge results on a shoestring budget. But social media has changed. Gone are the days where consumers would follow a brand for the novelty factor of a one-to-one conversation. Or read a piece of content just because it is available. Audiences are no longer hoodwinked by lazy brand engagement in today’s social media landscape.

Here we debunk some social media myths still being peddled by too many in the marketing industry and confront the elephant in the room: you need to invest in social factors to get ahead.

1) Facebook won’t increase your sales.
Unless you’re willing to invest because you know that the organic reach is heading to zero. Unless you do something that involves your fanbase (and their interests) for real, like special initiatives and promotions. And even then you cannot rely on Facebook as the main selling point, because people are there to do other things: to snoop, to chat, to keep up with the news. If they want to buy your product they would be on Amazon, wouldn’t they?

And that’s the point: we should grab that conversation and turn it into an opportunity to be seen and leave a memory that will favour you and not your competitors when it comes to your fanbase’s next purchase.

2) Nobody cares for your commercial on YouTube.
Unless it’s a message that’s really relevant to our lives. It could be fighting for someone’s rights, something very real, or a brand new way to talk about our trivial lives. And yes, even a well known ambassador can help grab attention – but more often than not to the ambassador, not your brand.

3) Nobody wants to come to your event.
Unless you offer something and this something must be more than the usual discount: it should be an experience. Or unless your event is located within a bigger event, like a fair. But remember: in that instance, most people won’t be there for you.

4) Nobody is looking for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat…
Unless you give real motivations to be followed on all your social media, publishing ad hoc content created for that specific medium and organising special events.

5) Even the best social strategy can be totally useless.
If you don’t assist your customers before and after the sale; if your product suffers from intrinsic problems; if you leave the rest of your communication in the hands of a non-professional. Then you should be aware that even millions of likes won’t be enough to turn your company around.

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