Empowering B2B sales conversations with tablets

Empowering B2B sales conversations with tablets

We’ve all been there: The field sales force has been equipped with state-of-the-art hardware like tablets, but can barely make use of its possibilities – especially not with the customer. Formats like PowerPoint or PDF are awkward to open and interrupt the flow of the conversation because you cannot access individual information areas separately. Now, two successful examples from Nestlé Frisco Findus and stürmsfs illustrate that interactive and results-oriented customer dialogue using tablets is possible without difficulty. Both companies used the interactive E,T&H Storyteller for this.

Nestlé Frisco Findus
Nestlé Frisco Findus has selectively developed its B2B communication tools. It did so not just with a view to becoming paperless and more environmentally- friendly. But rather due to the fact that the field sales force must get to the point quickly when speaking to the customer and convey the added value for the customer convincingly and memorably. And they must do all of this whilst maintaining a flexible conversation style that supports, rather than hampers, sales. The result is a trilingual application, with which the field sales force conducts individual conversations with customers from the gastronomy business, presenting seasonal inspiration and concepts that help them to increase sales.

The special feature of E,T&H Storyteller is that it not only enables seamless dialogue from a single interface, but also promotes the common qualification of ideas and the definition of solutions. For example, a calculator is used, with the help of which the economic benefits of a concept idea (for example a pasta week in autumn) can be discussed with the customer – including the adjustment of menu prices and sales volumes. The “Profiler” (an input mask for identifying important customer insights) then suggests the appropriate dessert range for the customer from different scenarios. This sales application has been used by approx. 30 national sales managers throughout Switzerland for about two and a half years and has been expanded with a cross-selling team function for the largest national trade fair. “With this innovative sales application, we are not only saving printing and distribution costs in the six-digit range, but are also making a measurable step towards more customer orientation and common value creation,” said Thomas Fuchs, Nestlé Frisco Findus Sales Execution Manager Gastro.

stürmsfs, the leading supplier of quality products and complete solutions for steel and metal, operates in a highly competitive environment. Direct sales play a key role here. In order to support the field sales force even more effectively, the company switched to convertible ultrabooks. The three goals: Firstly, to promote engaging customer discussions in the knowledge that everything relevant is available without the need for time-consuming call preparation. Secondly, to position stürmsfs as a competent service partner and to drive portfolio-specific cross-selling. Thirdly, to gain support and attention among the young generation of strategic buyers.

The core of the sales application is a 3D illustrated canvas, which impressively demonstrates how stürmsfs supports its customers individually and in line with their needs. A wide variety of different topics can be accessed from this canvas across multiple content levels. In addition to the product range and the presentation of the contact persons, this also includes pre-processing of products, process consulting and the online shop. 15 stürmsfs field sales employees and senior managers successfully use this application across all target groups: whether SMEs like locksmiths with traditional product requirements, or MNCs as future system partners seeking customised process integration, to reduce system costs and focus on their own production.

The benefits at a glance
The benefits for the interviewer are obvious: the E,T&H Storyteller provides fast and flexible access to all content; everything important is always available offline and online. This makes the situation-based, customer-tailored conversation with relevant and media-content content easier. Integrated tools like the calculator, profiler or conformity queries stimulate ideas and solutions in dialogue with the customer. And after the call, documents and even minutes are simply sent by e-mail.

Sales and marketing not only save printing and distribution costs but also ensure consistent “storytelling”, whether in discussions with individual customers or, for example, at a trade fair stand. The application is platform independent and compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, permitting the easy integration of existing media assets such as documents, pictures and videos. And with the aid of user data that can be retrieved at any time, the coaching of the sales staff can also be organised more objectively and more precisely. Connection to existing CRM or ERP systems is of course also possible.

Case film Nestlé Frisco Findus:

Nestle Frisco Findus Calculator

Nestlé Frisco Findus Calculator

sturmsfs Service Canvas

stürmsfs Service Canvas


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