Don’t be left behind: Digital marketing trends 2019

on September 9, 2019

Don’t be left behind: Digital marketing trends 2019

By on September 9, 2019

With the sun setting on summer 2019, we have but half the year remaining; and so for many, it is time to start preparations for 2020. In that spirit we would like to explore the digital marketing trends that have been on the rise this year and will most likely continue blowing up all throughout 2020. If your agency has not yet dipped its feet into any of trends mentioned on this article, it isn’t too late to stay on top of the field.

  1. Voice Search

Anyone that has dabbled in voice searches in their personal lives probably has more than one story of Siri not understanding what they said (like when I asked Siri for the nearest KFC and she tried to get me to join the UFC); but despite the many fail tales, voice searching has had a steady rise in usage, hand in hand with constant improvements to the technology. This is very much an untapped source of SEO optimization. Some innovators have taken the mistakes made by voice search engines and incorporated those most searched “fails” into their keywords in order to increase their traffic.  Site owners use this skillfully, observing the frequency of using the most popular keywords, they observe the semantics that go with voice search queries and use it to their advantage. This can seem daunting at first, but optimizing a website to be voice search friendly is fast becoming a necessity. Check out this article on voice search optimization to help yourself get started.

  1. Chat bots

These days you can hardly go into any business’ site without being surprised with a message from a chat bot, always given a name and picture of person that most likely works on the bots automated responses. Often, we get general and unhelpful answers from the chat bot. In spite of this, however, it is an unignorable trend that has been on the steady rise in the last few years with people even opting to get their answers from a chat bot than a live person that might not be as helpful or precise. It gives the customer instant gratification, that they feel attended the minute they enter your site and don’t need to search or click around to find what they need. A chat bot is basically an interactive FAQ part of your site and can make your (or your client’s) business’ entire experience simpler while simultaneously nurturing leads. Don’t hesitate to set up this automated service into your website and those of your clients’!

If you do not already have a person with the know-how under your employ, chat bots are easy to set up with the following chat bot builders.

  1. Video as a focus

Everyone knows by now that a post with just text is less likely to attract attention than a post with a photo, and the same principal works for a post with video as being the most attractive to users of any social media. Recent statistics show the following:

  • About 70% of users share their favorite brand’s new video;
  • 83% of corporations claim that video content has increased their conversion;
  • 96% of buyers are sure that the video helps them to understand the product in more detail;
  • 65% of users visit the site, and 39% call the seller after viewing;
  • 87% of companies use video as a marketing tool.

It can’t be doubted, video is the way to go when it comes to creating attractive content. The draw and entertainment possibility of an un-clicked video is obviously very potent, and a switch of priority to video content might be a necessity for next year.

  1. YouTube as a separate tool

Sticking on the thread of video being an ever-increasing attractant to users, the top platform for video streaming, is still YouTube; businesses left and right are uploading their content on YouTube to increase traffic. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the platform is its continued promise of your content going viral. Your video (or your client’s video) could yield a priceless amount of views through, social media sharing, emails or word of mouth once it is noticed by the audience. Apart from the viral potential of videos on YouTube, we would be remiss not to mention that advertising on YouTube is cheaper than advertising on Google or Facebook. A single ad view could go for $0.10 to $0.30, which is why people are swarming to YouTube and the billions of hours of content the platform already has, swells further. Many businesses are already prioritizing YouTube as a primary entity for their marketing, because of the cheaper cost coupled with the billions of people using it every day (YouTube is an educational, entertainment, and vlog tool, garnering billions of faithful users daily), YouTube needs to be treated as more than just a part of your paid media presentation for a client, it should be given its own place in a budget and prioritized as its very own branch in a content plan.

  1. Messaging Apps

This might be a surprise to most of our readers, but yes, many companies are already using messaging apps to communicate with their customers. For the following reasons:

This virtually untouched stream of leads is ripe for the picking. There are a number of ways you can use messenger apps for marketing, you can get in touch with your demographic through chat bots that you built, you can deliver top of the line direct customer service and build your reputation through word of mouth, or instead of sending out emails that people automatically register as spam, you can send out mass chat messages with new products or services etc, to increase your return customer rates. This area of marketing is so untouched that innovations are still being cooked up and applied left and right.

There you go! A few of the most interesting trends for the last half of 2019 and onwards. Each of the trends we just listed are easy to adopt into your practices, full of potential, and begging for more innovation. So don’t just get your feet wet with these trends, dive right in!

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