Darwin & Co and Social Noise join forces to create Darwin Social Noise.

on June 6, 2017

Darwin & Co and Social Noise join forces to create <strong>Darwin Social Noise.</strong>

By on June 6, 2017

This agency becomes one of the most important independent agencies in the Spanish market.

Madrid, June 6, 2017.– The agencies Darwin & Co and Social Noise, both with headquarters in Madrid, have joined forces to form a new agency under the name Darwin Social Noise. This agency is created with the philosophy of integrating a generalist and strategic brand management vision that will be implemented in a specialist manner in all areas of business.

With 50% ownership to both Darwin & Co and Social Noise, the new agency will be led by its founders: Miguel Pereira, Carlos Sanz de Andino, Nacho Huidobro, Sabrina Tahiri y Alberto Martínez.

“We both shared the same vision of where the business is going; the future is not moving towards specialized companies that function on a parallel or cascade manner (even within the same group), but by understanding the overall strategy of the brand, being at the forefront of what is necessary for impeccable execution.” says Pereira.

“The merger comes at the right time; both companies are sound, consolidated, without financial problems but with need to evolve, adapt and lead a necessary model change”, says Huidobro.

Sanz de Andino adds that “we want the company to have a creative attitude, not just in a department, but in all strategies, campaigns, content and services … a connected vision is what gives meaning to our project.”

Both companies have proven that they can work well together after several successful collaborations in several projects in the past years. In addition to sharing a similar vision of the business, the joint positive work experience encouraged them to take the next step.

“Our work philosophy – according to Tahiri – implies having very specialized teams working together, side by side, but with a global vision. We are fortunate to have a very strong in-house strategic consulting team that adds great value to the process.”

Alberto Martínez points out that “our clients will be greatly benefited from a generalist vision and, at the same time, from a specialized execution capacity. We are prepared to build any action at all stages of the communication funnel, and to implement them with the highest quality and always using accurate tool to measure the return on the investment.

Darwin & Co is one of the leading independent agencies in the Spanish national scene (third in volume by media investment managed according to Infoadex), formed by professionals with long and successful careers in advertising, with experience in brand and strategic development.

Social Noise is the number 1 ranked digital agency in Spain due to its brand awareness and attractiveness in the market, according to the AgencyScope 2016 report which was conducted by the independent consulting firm Scopen. Social Noise, with offices in Madrid and Mexico, has a great history of developing successful digital strategies, content generation, technological innovation and digital intelligence tools.

Darwin Social Noise is also a member of the international network of independent creative agencies Dialogue International (which Social Noise was already a part of), with presence in 27 worldwide markets.


Team and clients:

The Darwin Social Noise team is made up of a workforce of about 80 professionals from both agencies.

Darwin Social Noise starts with a wide client portfolio including Sanitas, IberCaja, Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, Diario As, Vivus, KPMG, Abbott Laboratories, Icex, Swatch, Neinver, AMC, Multi-Optics, Grupo Admiral, Acnur, Mastercard, Mini, Imperial Tobacco, Randstad, Endesa, Sony Pictures, Endesa, Ferrovial, Puma, Rum Diplomatic and El País among others.

The headquarters of the new agency will be in the Social Noise building in the center of Madrid. Although, the Darwin Social Noise management team has announced that new offices will be opened in September.

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