Creative Forum 2019 – Marrakech!

on August 27, 2019

Creative Forum 2019 – Marrakech!

By on August 27, 2019

From June 13 to June 15, Dialogue International was in Marrakech for the 2019 creative forum. Under the piercing sun of Morocco and amongst the intoxicating culture of its people, deep bonds were formed, talents shined, and important decisions for the future were made.

Each Dialogue partner in the event brought a number of their own employees in order to mix their agency’s unique touch into the proposals to the client. The teams were made with the interest of maintaining a balance in terms of profession and talents and the network ended up divided into 4 teams of the very best each agency had to offer.

It was but an hour or two before the client gave their brief and the teams were off to work. Everyone had only 48 hours to come up with a way to impress the international client and a furious pace was adapted by each team with hardly any repose.

As the teams worked on their proposals, the Managers busied themselves with the nitty gritty of the networks future. Partners that were unable to attend the event were connected via the incredibly useful Zoom application and the discussions progressed without hindrance (follow Dialogue International on Twitter to get the news of what was discussed as soon as it is announced, trust us, it’s a biggie).

The event wasn’t all about work though, all work and no play mixed with the heat would have made our members feral. As such we also had:

A talk from Ali Bensouda of Omniup, about free wifi in Morocco and how this endeavor will soon help advertisers by amplifying the visibility of all digital ads throughout the entire country.

And a talk from Nicolas Jambin from PwC about how digital advertising and consulting are quickly becoming one and the same.

After the work and the talks the members were treated to dinners:

At Azar, a lovely restaurant that offered live entertainment after the dinner.

And at Dar Yacout, a hidden gem of a restaurant in the middle of the Medina, the old quarter of Marrakech.

The main event of the trip, the presentations of each team to the client was held in probably our most exotic location to date for our creative forums, in the middle of the Agafay Desert. Tents were set up amongst the vast desert along with a barbecue lunch, refreshments, and a main tent wherein a projector was made available.

The proposals as expected were very original, with concepts and ideas personalized for the client, showing off Dialogues ability to work together no matter what country our agencies are from. Highlighting the mix of culture and talent has always been a primary focus point of this event and this time did not fall short of that. Presentations were presented by 15 minute intervals and the content within the proposals were jam packed with creativity and strategy.


The client chose team 3 as the winners. This team was composed of: A lead project manager from Belgium (Expansion), a creative director from UK (77 Agency), A digital strategist from Morocco (Darwin Social Noise Morocco), an Inbound marketing specialist from Finland (Valve group), and finally a designer from Austria (Hartinger Consulting) and one from Spain (Darwin Social Noise). Their work was chosen for the excellent structure of their strategy and their above average insight into the client’s needs and plans.


After all was said and done, the event was a resounding success! Not just because the client chose Dialogue International to handle their ambitious EU campaign, but because the members of the network from the newest intern, to the most experienced manager, became closer and understood each other better; and that is the most important thing we can give our members with our creative forum.

Thank you again, to everyone who attended! Until next year!


P.S: We would also like to take this time to mention Dialogue International’s newest member, Bryan from E,T&H Werbeagentur AG (Switzerland)!

Whose father had to cancel his trip to the forum to welcome him to the world!

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