International agency network celebrates 25th anniversary with relaunch

on May 16, 2016

International agency network celebrates 25th anniversary with relaunch

By on May 16, 2016

International agency network Dialogue International is marking its 25th year with an exciting relaunch, new members, blue chip clients and a busy programme of events.

Dialogue’s strength comes from the independent and entrepreneurial nature of its member agencies. These agencies combine forces to support individual clients in the way that suits the client: providing bespoke solutions for each.

Relaunching itself as a network for brands looking for a challenge in new territories, Dialogue International is celebrating a period of continuous growth, with particularly successful projects for the likes of EasyJet, MasterCard, and Vodafone undertaken by member agencies.  Its challenger brand focused proposition and the work of its members is celebrated in a new website

The new era has seen key member territories such as France, the UK, USA, Switzerland and Austria supplemented by new members in Spain and Italy. With offices in Madrid and Mexico, Social Noise’s ‘technocreative thinking’ brings fresh collaborative opportunities to Dialogue International members. Their core strengths in digital communications and content have led to an impressive portfolio of work for the likes of Ikea, Puma, and Absolut Vodka.

Italian advertising and communications agency cOOkies is also one of the network’s newest members, bringing a wealth of cross-media communications experience to the table. eBay and EasyJet are amongst their high-profile recent clients.

Frédéric Faivre, President of Dialogue International and partner at French member agency Grenade and Sparks, said: “The relaunch brings this established and successful network in line with modern entrepreneurial business.  Consumers, and the brands that serve them, operate in a way that is ‘local but global’: relishing the way that domestic brands speak to them, but expecting a global digitally-driven experience.  This is something that Dialogue – with its flexible structure and country-specific experts ­– can deliver.”

“The world is changing and, as we mark our 25th anniversary, it is exciting to see how new markets are developing through our dynamic agency partners in Iran, Turkey and Russia. The accessibility of the Dialogue network has always provided a responsive window for brands to branch into new areas, languages, and markets, and we believe it’s the perfect time to invite new members and new clients to join us.”

UK-based agency Ware Anthony Rust has been a member of the network since it began in 1991.
Shelby Haslam, Strategy Director commented: “It’s inspiring to see the network reach such a key anniversary. Dialogue has given our clients the opportunity to do business globally, speaking the language of each market fluently: a valuable skill that encourages growth and success. The multinational network has given us the chance to interact with other entrepreneurial, independent agencies, allowing us to broaden our own horizons and offer stimulating solutions for our clients.”

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