Brand Week Istanbul

on November 10, 2014

Brand Week Istanbul

By on November 10, 2014

November 3rd-8th 2014 Hosted by Öykü Agency


brand-wdqfOrganized by Dialogue International Turkish agency Öykü,with offices in both Istanbul and Ankara, Brand Week Istanbul will be happening November 3th-8th, 2014!

Brand Week is a great opportunity to assemble together experts in the brand, marketing and communication sectors. This event, hosted in Istanbul, will gather creative and innovators amongst Turkish professionals that will brainstorm as well as exchange their working experiences. The main aim is to inspire people who are willing to explore the communication market in order to enrich their business with innovating ideas.


Brand Week Istanbul

The greatest brand and marketing event will be organized for its second year and will be the host to the world’s most reputable speakers Sir John Hegarty, David Aaker and Martha Stewart amongst others. The audience will experience keynote sessions, exhibitions, competitions, screenings as well as workshops.

Each day will be themed, for instance, November 4th will be Inspiration day, followed up by Brand Academy Day, Creative & Marketing day, and Digital & Mobile Day, and lastly, November 8th will be Networking Day. The first two days will be saved for exhibitions and award ceremonies while the following two days, conferences will take place. Lastly, the final day will be the Closing day with Brand Icons Parade

The 2014 hot trends and developments on brand/marketing will be presented throughout Brand Week. Don’t miss out!

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