5 trends for 2016

on January 22, 2016

5 trends for 2016

By on January 22, 2016

1. Virtual Reality

An amazing opportunity for brands that want to create a unique combination of emotions and facts. This year it’s time for marketing executives to learn more about the possibilities. For example, the highly anticipated VR-goggles Oculus Rift will be launched in March. 

2. Social search engines

Google still dominates the market for search engines, but 2016 can become the year when we see the beginning of a new trend. Facebook is developing its own search engine and this year they will also launch buy-now-buttons. This will create an integrated platform were you can search, shop, discuss your purchase and show it to your friends.

3. Video ads

Maybe not so new, but it will probably accelerate during 2016. Google is planning to add video to AdWords which means that they will appear on many more websites and platforms. Google wasn’t in any way first, but due to its dominance they will probably give video ads a significant boost.

4. Live streaming

In 2015 we saw the launch of Periscope and Meerkat, services that let anyone send live streaming video from their phone. Facebook has their own service, although it’s only available for brands and celebrities at this point. Still in the bud, but live streaming video is expected to be one of the growing trends in 2016.

5. Ad blockers

2015 saw a rise in the use of ad blockers by almost 50 percent. This is something all marketing executives must relate to when developing their digital strategy in the future. Probably focus will change to channels like social media, digital influencers and native advertising.

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