17 agencies unite for Dialogue Forum international challenge

on May 31, 2016

17 agencies unite for Dialogue Forum international challenge

By on May 31, 2016

Madrid the venue for 2016 creative challenge

As global agency network Dialogue International enters its 25th year, representatives from the 25 countries represented by its 17 agency members meet in Madrid this June for the annual Dialogue International Forum.

The Forum brings together hand-picked individuals from each agency’s creative, digital, content and planning teams. The international representatives are put into ‘virtual agency’ teams and given 48 hours to create a winning pitch for a live client.

2016 sees Madrid-based agency Social Noise host the annual event. Social Noise – who joined the Dialogue network in 2014 – has a live creative brief for the Forum delegates, with the teams challenged to create a campaign for pan-European retailer Neinver.  The teams will also face a second stimulating challenge: an ‘urban gymkhana’ that tests skills and ingenuity in a race across Madrid.

Previous Forum challenges have delivered radical new thinking and exceptional creative campaigns for Dialogue agency clients, including US-owned InSinkErator.  Ashley Munden, Europe-Russia MD for InSinkErator commented on the 2015 meeting hosted by Dialogue’s UK agency Ware Anthony Rust saying: “This event is unique in my experience: bringing together so many talented people and combining their skills in such an intense way.  The value for me is in the learning that we all took away; combining the commercial and the creative to push the boundaries.”

Miguel Pereira, CEO at Social Noise, comments: “The Dialogue Forum demonstrates a new way of working in the marketing and advertising world.  In line with the ethos of Generation X it boosts collaboration – as opposed to competition – as the cornerstone to achieving success. Delegates are divided in teams with unacquainted peers from other agencies, and then faced with challenges – both business related and fun. They must find leadership, agree on procedures, generate creative ideas and make decisions altogether, working shoulder-to-shoulder with one common goal and against severe time challenges. It is a model for modern agency business.”

Frédéric Faivre, President of Dialogue International and partner at French member agency Grenade & Sparks, says: “The annual Dialogue Forum allows us to harness unique perspectives from around the world; it gives each member agency first-hand insight into different markets and audiences. It presents a modern approach to international brand communications. In this way it reflects the operation of the Dialogue International network as a whole: a flexible structure supported by country-specific experts ­that always delivers.”

Unlike most international networks, Dialogue International defines itself as a network for brands looking to challenge in new markets. 17 independent agencies, ranging from the US and Mexico to Turkey and Iran draw on their own entrepreneurial spirit to offer vibrant, unique and innovative solutions to clients.

Frédéric continued: “The Forum is an established and successful event that gives client companies the opportunity to access some of the best marketing brains in the world and to harness them to achieve radical new thinking.  We welcome approaches from brand-owners interested in utilising such a powerful tool.”

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